Whether you are interested in a casual dining experience with friends and family or looking to fine tune your skilled golf or tennis game, Thornblade Club has something to offer for everyone.  We are dedicated to providing an exceptional family-friendly experience through superior country club facilities and services in an atmosphere rich in camaraderie with a tradition of value and quality.  We offer a variety of Membership Categories including; Full Non-Equity Golf, Junior Non-Equity Golf, Athletic, Clubhouse and National.

Thornblade Club is a private, member-owned Club with a member-by-invitation policy that simply requires each prospective member to have a proposer. A proposal must be completed on the appropriate form accompanied by: 

A proposal must be completed on the appropriate form accompanied by: 
  • A $150 non-refundable administrative fee to cover the cost of processing the proposal. 
  • A check for the initiation fee to be held by the Club until the proposal is approved and an invitation has been accepted. 
  • A photograph of the Nominee (and spouse and/or family, if applicable). 
Proposals are evaluated using subjective criteria such as congeniality, reputation, character, trustworthiness, sociability, financial stability, and other criteria deemed desirable by the Board of Governors. Proposals from all Nominees are considered on the same basis as any other proposal for membership. Thornblade Club does not evaluate Nominees for membership on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, or national origin.

Please contact Jessica Clark to discuss exciting Thornblade Club membership opportunities or simply fill out an information request form below. We look forward to speaking with you. 


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Thornblade Club believes that developing new relationships and creating exceptional memories among our members is the most important job we have in continuing to grow our Thornblade family. Please contact Thornblade to discuss Membership opportunities and to learn more about our club! 

Jessica Clark
Membership Sales Director